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Album : Reggae Français
Artist : Taïro
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Type : Album (Complet)
Genre : Reggae, Musique
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Album Taïro Reggae Français Tracklist:

01. Reggae français (4:29)
02. Bon vieux temps (4:33)
03. RDV (4:23)
04. Etranger (4:16)
05. Nouvelle vie (4:04)
06. Changer (4:22)
07. Champion (feat. Treesha) (3:45)
08. Dans les étoiles (4:39)
09. Danse (3:53)
10. Rastaman (4:45)
11. Jet Lag (4:14)
12. La vie c’est dur (4:29)
13. Avec le temps (5:32)

Bio Taïro Reggae Français 2016

Taïro – Reggae Français.2016.Album.Complet – After making a name on the French ragga-dancehall scene, Taïro now hopes to make a name in the music Taïro – Reggae Français Album. Ishmael Jolé-Menebhi was born in Paris on 5 February 1978 of a Moroccan father and an Alsatian mother. It is still small when his parents separated. His mother, a sociology professor, the student alone in a small studio apartment in the tenth district. Taïro – Reggae Français Album Thirty years later, became Taïro, he dedicated his Mama title on her debut album. At that time, Ishmael saw a story without schooling until the age of 13. This is when the team of director Jacques Doillon organizes the cast of the film The young Verther. Ishmael landed the leading role. That same year, classmates, fans of reggae, take him to a concert of Hautepoul street in the nineteenth arrondissement, to the Youth Day. Taïro – Reggae Français Album As he listens to toasters that mark their texts to sound decibel spewed by their soundsystem, Taïro sees instinctively and artistically in their place. Upon its entry into second, he spends as much time in a rehearsal room of the neighborhood face his teachers. With his friends, he created a group called Youthmen Ten. Ishmael doubles, but the apprentice toaster is launched and must be an alias to exist. He chose Taïro in an English dictionary in which Tyro means “novice” or “beginner”. The Watermelon Man CD, a splendid instrumental Herbie Hancock, he carries around in the evening with friends with a little amp and a microphone to sing about his first texts, is soon replaced with classic Jamaican purchased at Patate Records and Blue Moon. Taïro – Reggae Français Album did not choose reggae by accident. He feels close to this music that carries the word of those who do not have it, just as his father had done in activist with Moroccan students in 1968 when he was president of UNEM (National Union of Moroccans students). The text committed the title Animal whines born elsewhere at that time and now finds himself on his album, worn by arpeggios of an acoustic guitar, drawn from a sample of instrumental Assidon Raphael, Taïro a former classmate, with whom, among others, he mounted the H24 studio in Bastille. Adolescence always, it also inspired the title After co-writing and J.P. Mapaula compound with Yao Dembelé in a musical color much reggae song, to show other facets of vocal talents Taïro. Back in the mid 90s … Taïro and its collective stand out in their first Soundsystems. Even if the level does not yet approach that of Sai Sai or Raggasonics, the rooms are full, because the boys are very influenced by the style and the sounds produced in Jamaica at the time. Obtained his Bachelor, Taïro – Reggae Français Album, which sees Sizzla one voice and one of the most prolific authors of the genre, has also found its way and still include reference, in addition to Bob Marley. Reggae and dancehall Everton Blender, Beenie Man, Capleton and Anthony B, it will provide in the musical essence. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, Youthmen Ten separate and each pursues its course until an evening at the Divan du Monde change the fate of Taïro. In the famous Parisian room, a young man proposes to the manager. The opportunity for a professional future then emerges clearly in the mind of young toaster. Finished food jobs at Pizza Hut and teenager’s room with her mother. Thanks to him, Taïro – Reggae Français Album recorded its first model of a half-dozen songs in the studio of Wise Poets of the Street. Passed through the office of a head of Virgin, she finds herself in the hands of Akhenaton, while the famous rapper Marseille IAM organizes the cast of the film’s soundtrack Taxi 2, produced by Luc Besson. The film thus catches Taïro in 2000, when the young student became a real toaster, ready to swing his flow with more experienced artists like Daddy Nuttea and Faf Larage. If he realizes that he is still a ‘tyro’ neophyte, more rooted in the energy in the art, Taïro – Reggae Français Album the experience is daunting, especially as it renews the same year alongside Daddy Mory, Supa John, Baby G and Daddy Yod on compiling more heart = Sun, produced by Pierpoljak. The projects follow one after the other. Taïro multiplies featurings, either on albums by Gomez and Tavarez, Nakk, Nuttea or Assassin, before accompanying as Rockin ‘Squat and his band toured around the world. That compilation combinations Boumsound and the soundtrack, recorded by Marco Prince (FFF), Jean Veber’s film The Pharmacist, with Guillaume Depardieu and Vincent Perez, is still an opportunity for him to come forward, and recognize. The time to record an album has come for Taïro. A Song bookdesign, she wants the rapper Passi is keen to integrate its Ragga Dis time project by adding the featuring of Flya. Extract of this compilation was released in 2004, became a hit single. That is when the collective Tefa Kilomaitre, met on the recording of the album of Gomez and Tavarez, who will take it out of the conflict that opposed to its previous producers. After six months of negotiations, the bands are finally in the hands of its new producers. The long awaited album will finally see the light! Four tracks were recorded in stride, two bombs reggae Taïro – Reggae Français Album If I had not known this girl and I size with beautiful female vocals by Denise Sauron and Dominique Larose. Among other female voices, Sandra N’Kake will then be invited on the duo In this city, the latest title added to the album, while Mama, produced by Gary Chateaubon, alias Radja already causing the tube She wants in was one of the first. This element is important because as and as he advances in the writing of this album, Taïro will be applied to enhance the melodies of his songs to the point of changing his singing. More harmonious and sensitive, even sharing the universal title We try with rapper Kery James, it is tinged with soul, Taïro – Reggae Français Album like the cathartic piece I love you which opens the album. Composed with Gregory Yiannacou, a college friend never lost sight of this therapeutic song reflects her breakup with his ex-girlfriend. It represents the far end of a cycle than the beginning of another that can illustrate another love song like Never had, born of a decisive new female meeting that will set to music the guitarist Jérémie “Bim “Above and saxophonist Mathieu Bost, two excellent reggae musicians everywhere on the album, that Taïro find on stage on tour. Ishmael, the rebellious teenager has mellowed with time. Taïro – Reggae Français Album, the boy became a man, has done the same. It will make more errors and now love conscientiously, without half measures. He chose to open his heart to people to touch their souls. Ishmael and Taïro do today one. An artist tying to discover immediately.